I received a double Bachelors degree in Liberal Arts (Spanish) and Elementary Education.  I started teaching in Marion, Illinois in 1999.  I spent six years at the middle school level.  The first two years were spent teaching Social Studies and Language Arts for the 6th grade.  In addition, I implemented a new program, Literature Circles, to incorporate novels and writing techniques into the 8th grade.  The last two years of my tenure were spent creating new exploratory classes for Spanish and Computer Applications.   Moving to Henderson, Kentucky in 2005, I married and created a new family with my husband, stepdaughter, six cats, and two dogs.  Starting a career here, I obtained employment as a Science teacher at Central Learning Center.  This is an Alternative School program providing effective learning strategies with behavior skills for nontraditional students.  My motto as a teacher was focused on expanding my knowledge in as many subjects as possible so I could prepare for my long term goal of working outside the classroom in administration.

I graduated from Murray State University in 2007 with a Master of Arts in Educational Administration.  I became the Assistant Principal of Central Learning Center in 2007.  Knowing the vision and goals of the school, I figured the best way to improve student achievement was through a goal setting process in which student achievement data is analyzed, areas of improvement are identified, and actions for change are initiated.  Since this time I have completed my Rank I in School Administration (2010).  I have additional certificates in Supervision of Instruction, Director of Pupil Personnel, and School Superintendent with an endorsement for Kentucky School Safety.   I have just begun a new phase of my education.  I am taking on the challenge of my Doctoral Degree in Educational Leadership from Western Kentucky University.  My primary career objective is to be an effective change agent in the systemic reform of education.


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